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Assessment Services

HEG develops and executes international, national, and organizational excellence programs including:

  • Developing the Award’s structure
  • Developing the Award’s evaluation criteria & assessment process
  • Training the assessors and the Award’s applicants
  • Developing the documents, systems, procedures and forms to administer the Award
  • Executing and administrating the whole award cycle including conducting the assessment for all award categories.

HEG conducts a comprehensive assessment for all the categories and sub-categories for the Award. This will include:

  • Receiving the submission documents of the organization Internal Excellence Award in different categories.
  • Reviewing and conducting a pre-assessment of all the submission documents, and preparing the shortlist and feedback reports of the pre-assessment
  • Conducting the Individual Assessment
  • Conducting the Consensus Review
  • Conducting the Site Visits/Meetings with Relevant Leadership Team and Employees
  • Conducting the Final Consensus Review and Scoring and Preparing feedback reports for the Organization Award Categories identifying strength and opportunities for improvements for each nominee and department
  • Conducting the Jury Meeting to verify the results, and Report the final results and lists of winners in different categories to the Organization Award.
  • Presenting the findings to the organization's top management and relevant stakeholders.