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Developing a system for assisting the organization to continuously compare its strategies, processes & performance against business leaders to gain information that will help the organization to achieve business excellence. This include Strategic, Process, Performance and Functional/ Generic Benchmarking. The benchmarking service include the following:

  • Promoting organization-wide awareness of the benchmarking concept and applications through seminars and training workshops.
  • Planning the benchmarking process by identifying and prioritizing the benchmarking needs and types, and forming competent internal benchmarking teams setting the project communication and action plans.
  • Compiling and analyzing information on the organization's current strategies, processes and performance.
  • Collecting and analyzing data from the benchmarking partner identifying the gaps in performance between the organization and the benchmarking partner.
  • Identifying realistic opportunities for improvements and examining the feasibility in light of the conditions that apply within the organization.
  • Producing benchmarking reports containing the benchmarking findings, recommendations and detailed action plans to adapt the best practice.
  • Evaluating the benchmarking process undertaken and the results of the improvements against pre-set targets, assessing the benchmarking process effectiveness and efficiency.