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Human Resources Management

Developing and overseeing the implementation of Strategic Human Resource Management plans and systems that are tailored to the needs of the organization and enable it to achieve competitive advantage through:

  • Developing a human resources strategy in alignment with the organization’s overall Strategic Plan.
  • Planning and forecasting human resources needs in light of the organization’s strategic directions.
  • Performing job analysis to develop detailed job specifications and descriptions.
  • Developing a recruitment and selection systems to ensure attracting and hiring the most qualified applicants for potential employment.
  • Developing a Career Path System (CPS) that ensures matching the employees’ skills and aspirations with available opportunities in the organization; thus securing effective promotion plans and merit based succession and individual development.
  • Developing a Training Path System (TPS) along with the Career Path System that ensures the alignment of training courses with employees' categories based on job titles and levels
  • Developing empowerment and succession planning schemes to qualify potential candidates to assume leadership roles in the organization.
  • Creating systems for assessing training needs, formulating training plans.
  • Conducting Training Impact Assessment (TIA) studies and surveys to measure the effectiveness of training activities on employee and corporate performance.
  • Building a comprehensive Human Resources Performance Appraisal System to ensure that employees’ outputs are congruent with the organization’s goals.
  • Setting vertical and horizontal communication plans (suggestions’ schemes, employee's satisfaction surveillances, meetings, etc).