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Institutional Performance Excellence

Assisting the organization in adopting and implementing excellence endeavors through:

  • Promoting organization-wide awareness of performance excellence models; concepts and applications through a series of seminars and training workshops.
  • Formulating, preparing and overseeing internal excellence teams that will lead and sustain the excellence revolution in the organization.
  • Assessing the organizational readiness to adopt the requirements of national and international excellence models through conducting a comprehensive Gap Analysis of the status quo.
  • Drawing a detailed Action Plan that directs the organization in addressing the areas of improvement identified in the gap analysis findings.
  • Providing specialized technical consultancy to support and guide the organization in adopting excellence requirements.
  • Monitoring the excellence teams’ efforts in implementing the action plans to ensure achieving the desired results.
  • Conducting detailed and comprehensive assessment (including scoring and reporting) in accordance with national and international excellence awards’ criteria.