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Knowledge Management

Assisting the organization in creating and managing a knowledge environment that enhances knowledge generation, creation, sharing and acquisition, and in best utilizing such knowledge to achieve the organization’s objectives through:

  • Promoting organization-wide awareness of Knowledge Management concept and applications through a series of seminars and training workshops.
  • Developing a Knowledge Management Strategy in alignment with the organization’s overall policy and strategy.
  • Creating a system for assessing Knowledge needs.
  • Establishing methodologies, systems, and regulations that ensure the effective creation, sharing, and dissemination of Knowledge
  • Creating a system for assessing the tacit and explicit Knowledge assets and Knowledge Mapping to enable the organization to capture the knowledge and utilize it strategically.
  • Developing Knowledge Risk Management System to ensure sustaining the valuable knowledge in the organizational memory.
  • Developing internal and external communication plans to guarantee spreading knowledge to all related stakeholders.