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Process Management System

  • Analyzing the As-Is Processes by identifying the inputs (human, technical, financial and other resources, customer requirements ….etc), outputs (information and/or service/product), and the workflow of each process. The analysis entails identifying the responsibilities, authorities, necessary forms and documents, along with the time required to perform each process.

  • Analyzing the interactions between the organizational processes at all levels (corporate and operational) to identify bottleneck processes and possible areas of duplication and redundancy.

  • Developing a performance measurement system that enables the organization to measure performance, analyze results and undertake appropriate actions to reinforce positive results and improve negative ones. The system entails setting key performance indicators for the main organizational processes and formulating comprehensive measurement plans that specify the responsibilities, periodicity, tools, and mechanisms of measurements.

  • Developing a comprehensive system for processes’ reengineering and streamlining and heading internal cross-functional teams to streamline the organizational processes. Such teams will ensure that all the inputs to the reengineering and streamlining efforts are analyzed including customer feedback, performance measurement results, analysis of process maps…etc. Accordingly the teams will identify potential areas for improvement such as enhancing workflow efficiency, simplifying forms, streamlining process steps, eliminating process redundancy and duplication, decentralizing authorities, clarifying responsibilities…etc. The teams will then set a streamlining plan and oversee the implementation of the plan to guarantee effective implementation.