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Assisting the organization in the analysis and the radical redesign of the existing business strategies, structure, processes and functions to achieve breakthrough performance improvements. This is achieved through:

  • Assessing the "As-Is” status of the organization in terms of strategies, structure, functions, resources, and processes. The input to this analysis includes customers’ and employees’ feedback that is gathered through surveys and focus groups.
  • Setting and overseeing the implementation of a mechanism for brainstorming and generating new ideas on how to improve the current organizational status.
  • Creating a vision of the "To-Be” status of the organization. This entails radical redesigns of organizational strategies, structure, , processes, functions and resources.
  • Setting and overseeing the implementation of action plans based on the gap between the As-Is and To-Be analysis.
  • Developing a performance measurement system that enables the organization to measure its effectiveness in the transformation to the "To-Be” status.
  • Developing a system for effectively managing change associated with the reengineering project to guarantee achieving the desired results.
  • Setting mechanisms for effectively communicating change to all related stakeholders, thus minimizing resistance and ensuring full positive participation.
  • Assessing the employees’ training needs thus enabling the organizations to develop the necessary knowledge, skills, and abilities required to achieve the "To-Be” status.