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Sharif Al-Shurafa

Senior Advisor
Internal auditor and assessor in organizational excellence EFQM and building quality Management Systems :-

Sharif is currently working as a senior Consultant at Hindawi Excellence Group. Sharif is a Certified Trainer with more than 10 years experience , he is also a Quality Assurance Certified Verifier.

He had conducted more than 55 workshops and training in the corporate & employee’s excellence category in the United Arab Emirates.
He has provided customized training courses on How to Write Submission Documents for Individuals , and also for Excellence Specialists and Internal Excellence Assessor for Abu Dhabi Award for Excellence in Government Performance Program.
Sharif lead the team of assessors for HH Sheikh Saif Excellence (UAE Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior) Award (2012-2013 Cycle).
In 2012 He was recognized as the distinguished administrative employee and awarded at the King Abdullah II award for excellence by his majesty.

Sharif is preparing for a master's degree in Business Operational Excellence.