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SMART Self-Assessment (SSA) System

SMART Self-Assessment System is a comprehensive SMART electronic system that helps organizations to implement and institutionalize continuous improvement and development activities through the implementation of the self-assessment process, starting from the planning stage, through the follow-up and optimization phase 100% electronically. The system facilitates the implementing corrective actions planning, execution, and follow-up for all areas of improvement and development. The system implements many innovative tools to enable process monitoring and follow-up such as SSA Dashboard, and SSA smart mobile application and electronic reporting. The system provide document management functionality for all evidence and supporting documents associated with the closure of gaps and areas for improvement and development.

SMART Self-Assessment System support organizations to determine where they are in the journey toward excellence and enable organizations to plan, execute and follow-up corrective and supporting actions.

The system integrates with the organizational structure and provide role-based access to personnel according to their role in the self-assessment process.

SMART Self-Assessment System complies with vision set forth by the Government of the United Arab Emirates to achieve electronic and smart transformation of all services across all departments, in addition to direct outcomes of increasing efficiency, effectiveness, and operational cost reduction

The most important stages in the SMART self-assessment system
The System contains five basic stages of implementation for the self-assessment process in a SMART electronic integrated manner and each stage contains a number of screens that help the organization in the implementation of the evaluation and assessment process efficiently and effectively, namely:
  • Self-Assessment definitions and preparation stage
  • Self-Assessment planning stage
  • Self-Assessment stage and generation of self-assessment reports
  • Corrective actions and improvement actions definition and planning stage
  • Follow-up and improvement Stage

Innovation in the SMART Self-Assessment System
  • SSA Dashboard, a pioneering feature in the SMART self-assessment system delivers real-time progress information to leadership team in the organization.
  • SMART mobile application provides follow-up notifications of award activities to all stakeholders
  • Electronic communication and notifications
  • Document management of self-assessment artifacts