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A Statement by The CEO

Hindawi Excellence Group (HEG) strongly believes that in today’s highly vibrant and dynamic business environment organizations of all sizes and all sectors need to excel their institutional performance if they seek to survive, grow, and be profitable on the long term. A wise man once said, "In the race of excellence there is no finish line”. We at HEG aim at providing our clients, our partners, with the necessary vehicles that ensure that they remain ahead of the rest in this never-ending race.

In line with this primary focus, HEG guides and supports organizations striving to achieve Institutional Performance Excellence through utilizing HEG’s competent resources in providing highly professional consultancy and training services. Such services are directed towards areas that have the most significant positive impact on the organization’ performance excellence and competitiveness including Strategic Planning and Management, Total Quality Management, Human Resources Management and Development, Innovation and Creativity, Process Reengineering and Management, Quality/ Environment/ Health and Safety Management Systems, Knowledge Management, Corporate Governance, AND Innovation and Creativity. Several HEG excellence SMART solutions are developed to support such services.

One of the most important elements of HEG’s approach to institutional performance enhancement and development is that HEG’s commitment towards full partnership with its clients, the senior and middle management, employees and all change agents within the organization to assist in building and implementing the change strategies. Rather than relying on many outside copycat programs and agents to drive the process, HEG recognizes that in order for institutional development to be a real, continuous, and lasting process, it must occur from the inside out, not the other way around.

Finally , I would like to reiterate HEG’s full commitment towards adopting a holistic, and participatory approach to institutional performance development; recognizing that such a comprehensive and sustained development must be viewed in relation to the organization’s leadership, methodologies, approaches, resources, strategies and culture which all should be integrally linked, harmonized, and aligned with each other in order to achieve sustained performance excellence.

Dr. Ahmad Thougan Hindawi
Chairman and CEO