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Strategic Planning

Foreseeing and shaping the future of the organization. A realistic, reachable, and participatory approach to build the organizations’ corporate strategy through:

  • Identifying the Corporate Vision, Mission and Core Values.
  • Conducting SWOT analysis of the internal and external work environment.
  • Specifying the Key Strategic Area (KSA) that constitute the focus of the strategic objectives.
  • Establishing strategic objectives on the corporate level based on the (KSA).
  • Conducting Risk Assessment and Scenario Building for the corporate objectives and strategies.
  • Cascading down corporate objectives to the business units' level.
  • Developing Action Plans for all business units within the organization.
  • Setting up Policies that suit organizational objectives and strategies.
  • Establishing the Key Performance Indicators to measure corporate effectiveness and efficiency as well as the degree of compliance to the excellence and quality requirements.