SMART Services

SMART Services

SMART Internal Excellence Award Management (SIEAM) System

SMART Internal Excellence Award Management System is a comprehensive smart and electronic solution enables organizations to manage seamlessly organizational internal award programs adopted by government departments, and authorities. The system provides a complete toolset including award categories definition, nomination forms submission by organizational units or individuals using electronic nomination forms, which will pass through the assessment process that supports different assessment techniques such as the desktop, preliminary, individual and consensus assessment for the submitted nominations. In addition, the jury review process and results announcements, which follows the assessment of nomination applications.

The System considered as the first up to date and comprehensive SMART Internal Excellence Award System and support Arabic language.

SMART Internal Excellence Award Management System facilitate the communication and the flow of information electronically and smartly between all stakeholders of the organizational excellence programs such as organizational excellence departments, nominees and applicants of the award categories, departments excellence coordinators assessment team members and jury committee. The system provides all required means to different stakeholders to perform all tasks pertaining to the organizational excellence award programs electronically and smartly.

SMART Internal Excellence Award Management System complies with vision set forth by the Government of the United Arab Emirates to achieve electronic and smart transformation of all services across all departments, in addition to direct outcomes of increasing efficiency, effectiveness, and operational cost reduction.

The most important Stages of the SMART Internal Excellence Award System

  • Management and planning for internal excellence awards electronically
  • Electronic announcement of the excellence award categories
  • Management of nominations for all categories
  • Electronic assessment and evaluation
  • Electronic jury
  • Electronic assessment reports and results
  • Electronic knowledge management

The Most Important Features of the SMART Internal Excellence Award System

  • Dashboard to monitor award process performance
  • SMART mobile application provides follow-up notifications of award activities to all stakeholders
  • Managing nominations from all categories
  • Auto scheduling of all assessment program activities, such as interviews and on-site visits avoiding schedule conflicts and increase efficient allocation of assessment resources.
  • Comprehensive reporting for award activities
  • Electronic communication and notifications
  • Aids in the Electronic Preliminary and Final Evaluation and Assessment Process
  • Auto quality reviews for nomination applications adherence to nomination rules and guidelines
  • Electronic announcement of results and assessment reports

SMART Services

SMART Services

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